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Cover Girl Coupons 2016

You want to look your best for any and all occasions? Cover Girl has the look you need. For the expressive, for the day or the evening or to compliment your style, featuring a full line of products that you can save on using cover girl coupons 2016. Get an early start on the new year with redefining your look with an assortment of foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and other cosmetics that can save you up to $2.50!
Mascaras that don’t smudge or run, waterproof cosmetics, and other items that are designed to last long, are available so start saving now.
There is a big sale on over at kroger you can get cover girl eye shadow for only $1.55 when you purchase over 5 items at a time. And you can also buy 2 for $3.10 so in the end the total will come to under 5 cents each if you make use of this deal.

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